Cosmetic Bonding

You don't have to live with chipped, cracked, stained, or discolored teeth. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have created many solutions to fashion your picture-perfect smile. The color and shape of your teeth can be changed to create a new whiter, brighter smile and a more youthful appearance.

Bonding creates solutions by:

  • Closing space or gaps between teeth
  • Repaiting chips and cracks
  • Covering permanent stains
  • Filling small cavities in front teeth
  • Protecting exposed root surfaces
  • Correcting tooth abrasion caused by improper brushing
  • Reshaping twisted or crooked teeth
Get instant results
Bonding can usually be completed in one appointment. The tooth is first prepared by removing decay. A solution is placed on the surface of the tooth to allow the bonding material ro adhere to the tooth. The composite resin is placed in the preparation and allowed to harden. In a matter of minutes, the tooth can be contoured and restored to its natural shape. Bonded teeth can be created to match the surrounding teeth- or, you may prefer to whiten your teeth and create a bright smile.